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Land Your Dream Job at a Private School

vardenafil generico Abruzzo Betty Luther Hillman of Phillips Exeter Academy on how to land your dream job at a top independent school. Previously, I wrote about teaching at independent schools and the similarities and differences between teaching at the secondary school level and at… Continue Reading →


Teaching in Independent (Private) Schools

follow url Betty Luther Hillman of Phillips Exeter Academy on teaching in independent schools. Independent school teaching is increasingly becoming an attractive option for graduate students who are looking for alternatives to the traditional academic path. Teaching at the secondary level (grades 6-12) offers many… Continue Reading →

Why Your Teaching Experience Matters, Even if You Never Teach Again Because one word: leadership. As a teaching assistant, course instructor, or lecturer, you’ve run the gamut from mentoring to motivating to reprimanding students. You’ve encouraged them to exert more effort in class, helped them do their best work on assignments, led and… Continue Reading →

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