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Planning Ahead

Land Your Dream Job at a Private School Betty Luther Hillman of Phillips Exeter Academy on how to land your dream job at a top independent school. Previously, I wrote about teaching at independent schools and the similarities and differences between teaching at the secondary school level and at… Continue Reading →


The Importance of the Side Hustle for the Alt-Ac PhD

get link Amy Bucher, an organizational psychologist at Johnson & Johnson, explains why you can’t forget the side hustle. “Side hustle” refers to freelance work outside your core full-time job.  Many times, this work is paid, although it does not have to be…. Continue Reading →

With a PhD, am I Entry-Level or Management Material?

follow site Both. Neither. And here’s why. In most professions, five-plus years of training will net you a low-to-mid-level management position. Medicine residents help coordinate teams of nurses, interns, and students to ensure quality patient care; mid-level attorneys supervise paralegals and junior… Continue Reading →

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Attitude is Everything: Shawn Achor’s “Happy Secret to Better Work”

5 Steps to Take Now if You Might Search for Nonacademic Jobs Later It’s never too early to start thinking about non-academic career paths, even if you plan to test the academic market. If landing outside the ivory tower is even a remote possibility, consider taking the following steps to set yourself up… Continue Reading →

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