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Finding Your Path

The Alt-Ac World of Fundraising Kenna Barrett, alt-ac PhD and fundraiser for Johns Hopkins University, on how to enter the high-flying world of university fundraising. I quit grad school around the time Toyota stopped manufacturing the Tercel. It was a good sort of car, one befitting a frugal… Continue Reading →


How to Become a Documentary Editor

follow link Cassandra Good, associate editor of the Papers of James Monroe and alt-ac PhD, on how she became a documentary editor–and still finds time to publish her own work. When I applied for the job I now hold as an editor… Continue Reading →

Why City Governments Need Alt-Ac PhDs

buy online pharmacy canadian propecia K. Sabeel Rahman (PhD, Government) explains why alt-ac PhDs have the perfect set of skills to manage cities in the 21st century. Cities have been at the forefront of many public policy debates today. In an era of gridlock in… Continue Reading →

LinkedIn: Essential for the Alt-Ac Job Search

safe prednisone dosage 5mg Top professionals use it, which means you should too. We get it—our lives are supersaturated with social media. From hashtags to check-ins, status updates to Twitter trends, social media and all its trappings can be off-putting, especially to those of… Continue Reading →

Land Your Dream Job at a Private School

follow url Betty Luther Hillman of Phillips Exeter Academy on how to land your dream job at a top independent school. Previously, I wrote about teaching at independent schools and the similarities and differences between teaching at the secondary school level and at… Continue Reading →

The Importance of the Side Hustle for the Alt-Ac PhD Amy Bucher, an organizational psychologist at Johnson & Johnson, explains why you can’t forget the side hustle. “Side hustle” refers to freelance work outside your core full-time job.  Many times, this work is paid, although it does not have to be…. Continue Reading →

With a PhD, am I Entry-Level or Management Material?

dove comprare Viagra generico 200 mg a Venezia Both. Neither. And here’s why. In most professions, five-plus years of training will net you a low-to-mid-level management position. Medicine residents help coordinate teams of nurses, interns, and students to ensure quality patient care; mid-level attorneys supervise paralegals and junior… Continue Reading → © 2019 Alt-ac Advisor — Powered by WordPress Theme by Anders NorenUp ↑