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Your Post-Academic Elevator Pitch

pharmacy compare costs of viagra For years you’ve rattled off the same 5-second spiel whenever anyone asked about your dissertation. Now you need a new pitch to sum up your alt-academic job search. A clear, concise pitch will not only help make you more memorable, but also impress… Continue Reading →

The One Thing You Must Do Before Every Interview Great TED talk by psychologist and Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy, who explains how your body language shapes who you are… and who you can become.

Why Your Teaching Experience Matters, Even if You Never Teach Again Because one word: leadership. As a teaching assistant, course instructor, or lecturer, you’ve run the gamut from mentoring to motivating to reprimanding students. You’ve encouraged them to exert more effort in class, helped them do their best work on assignments, led and… Continue Reading →

Interview Questions Only PhDs Get Asked, #1

go to site A PhD will bring you a lot of credibility in the nonacademic world. It can also raise a lot of questions, which is why you'll need to be ready to explain your PhD come interview time. This is the first in a series of posts designed to help you prepare for these challenging questions.

get link enter site Why did you do a PhD? This will likely be the first PhD-related question your potential nonacademic employers will have when they sit down with you for the first time. Many interviewers will ask you this question out of genuine interest, wondering why a person would devote 5+ years of her or his life to studying. Wasn’t college enough? And why a PhD instead of a master’s? Some interviewers will also be interested to learn why you chose one discipline over another, say sociology instead of political science or anthropology instead of history. The underlying question will also often be Why aren’t you pursuing an academic career? It’s important to keep your answer focused, positive, and truthful. Instead of explaining how you enrolled in your program with the intention of becoming a professor, talk briefly about your love for your field of study and your desire to become a content expert. Then shift gears and talk about how you knew early on that pursuing a PhD would allow you to acquire high-level analytical skills that could be applied in a variety of ways, in or out of academia. If it’s true that you were never fully wedded to the idea of becoming a professor, then say that too.

viagra generico 50 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online female viagra from online drugstore Example Answer

watch see I chose to pursue a PhD in English out of sheer love for the subject, especially for medieval literature. Not many people have the opportunity to pursue a passion in this way, and doing so was something that I believed would be both personally fulfilling and valuable for my professional life. I initially applied to programs unsure whether or not I would become a professor, but I did know that any of the top programs would provide some of the best possible training in research, writing, and critical thinking—valuable skills that would benefit me regardless of the career path I ultimately chose.  

follow This answer is effective for two reasons: it’s honest in its expression of love for the field of study and it emphasizes the way in which the PhD program trained the applicant in the necessary skill sets to excel in the real world. You will score even more points if you can link the skills you acquired in your PhD program to more specific skills you know the employer seeks, instead of the more generic (but still important) “research, writing, and critical thinking skills.” Also, if it so happens that your academic discipline is directly related to the industry or field that you’re exploring, feel free to elaborate a bit more on those connections.

A PhD will bring you a lot of credibility in the nonacademic world. It can also raise a lot of questions, which is why you’ll need to be ready to explain your PhD come interview time. This is the first in a… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Take Now if You Might Search for Nonacademic Jobs Later

It’s never too early to start thinking about non-academic career paths, even if you plan to test the academic market. If landing outside the ivory tower is even a remote possibility, consider taking the following steps to set yourself up… Continue Reading →

15 Skills All PhDs Have

Think you might not have what it takes to succeed in the real world? Think again. Doctoral programs prepare you to become subject matter experts, but they also train you to be working professionals, even if they do poorly at… Continue Reading →

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