Review your interests, skills, motivators, and the people in your life. Notice any common themes? Are the people you admire doing the kinds of things that tend to also motivate you? Do your interests dovetail with the skills you enjoy using? While your answers across the four areas won’t align perfectly, there will probably be some degree of overlap. If possible, compile the common elements in your answers into a single paragraph. This will give you a rough profile of yourself as a jobseeker, which may help guide you in your search. For example: Your answers: The most interesting people I know are innovators and polymaths. I like history, fiction, and popular nonfiction. I like watching The Amazing Race source , and I like to travel abroad and try new experiences on vacation. I procrastinate by cleaning and organizing, and I read a lot of blogs about both. I like spending time with a few friends rather than large groups on Friday nights, so that I can chat with each friend. I like collaborating with, helping, and coaching others. nexium drug contraindications with viagra This may suggest: I’m attracted to new things, particularly new ways of doing things. I like thinking globally, I like seeing and thinking about the big picture, I like intellectual challenges, and I also like variety. I’m a people person. I’m also a bit anal retentive—I like putting things in order, planning, and feeling that sense of accomplishment that comes with completing tasks. click here So, a job profile of myself might be:

enter I should at least consider exploring jobs that would combine a few of these aspects of my personality–jobs that would allow me to be social and work with others, involve an international component, provide intellectual challenges, allow me to manage projects, provide variety in tasks, let me work on the big picture as well as the small details, and allow me to think creatively.

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