The people in our lives sometimes reflect different aspects of ourselves. They can reflect our interests, our needs, and even what we aspire to become. Taking time to think seriously and critically about the people in your life may help you determine which kinds of career paths, industries, and jobs may be right for you.

Who do you most admire? Who are the three people in your life whom you admire most, and why? Do you admire them because of their accomplishments? Or because of their dedication to their families? Or because of their commitment to their principles? What commonalities exist among the three, and what does your admiration of these people says about you?

Who do you most envy? Who are the three people whom you envy most, and why are you so jealous? Is it because of their wealth? Or because of their passion? Or is it perhaps because they have a reputation for being world-renowned experts in their fields? Think critically about what your jealousies say about your desires and definitions of success and fulfillment.

Who do you find most interesting? Who are the three most interesting people in your life, and what makes them so interesting? Is it the specific work that they do? Is it the way they see the world? Is it how they commit themselves to a cause? What do your answers tell you about your definition of interesting?

Who do you emulate? In case your answer here is different from your answers to some of the previous questions, who are your three most significant role models, and why? What about these people inspires you, and what does your admiration of these traits say about you?