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LinkedIn: Essential for the Alt-Ac Job Search

cialis generico italia Top professionals use it, which means you should too. We get it—our lives are supersaturated with social media. From hashtags to check-ins, status updates to Twitter trends, social media and all its trappings can be off-putting, especially to those of… Continue Reading →

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The Importance of the Side Hustle for the Alt-Ac PhD

follow Amy Bucher, an organizational psychologist at Johnson & Johnson, explains why you can’t forget the side hustle. “Side hustle” refers to freelance work outside your core full-time job.  Many times, this work is paid, although it does not have to be…. Continue Reading →


Your Post-Academic Elevator Pitch

cialis generico vikalis For years you’ve rattled off the same 5-second spiel whenever anyone asked about your dissertation. Now you need a new pitch to sum up your alt-academic job search. A clear, concise pitch will not only help make you more memorable, but also impress… Continue Reading →

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