Alt-ac Advisor offers practical, how-to advice and resources for humanities and social science PhDs looking to launch great careers outside of academia. Here you’ll find tips on identifying potential career paths, networking, and marketing your skills in applications and interviews. As the site continues to grow, we’ll also profile PhDs from a variety of disciplines who’ve succeeded in building fulfilling, nonacademic careers.

About the Publisher

JCJoshua Cracraft launched Alt-ac Advisor with the belief that more resources were needed to help humanities and social science PhDs embark on meaningful careers outside academia. He himself has successfully made that transition. Toward the end of graduate school he served as the Director of Strategy & Operations at the Tobin Project, a nonprofit social science research organization. Now, he is a Program Director at Primary Source, a nonprofit that promotes history and humanities education in K-12 schools. Previously, he worked as an editor at Barnes & Noble, where he helped developed career guides for first-time jobseekers. To date he has reviewed nearly 2,000 resumes and cover letters and has conducted many interviews for prestigious positions in the nonacademic world. He has an AB from Harvard in Government and a PhD from Brandeis in American History. Follow him on twitter @joshuacracraft.